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Federal Schedule & “Harm” (on FDL)

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Ruby Slippers blotter art by William Rafti.

I cross-posted my writing about Cannabis & Proposition 19 to FireDogLake‘s new ‘MyFDL‘ section and it was promoted to the front page of the site. Since I found this (and the many comments I received) I wrote another post tonight about the Federal Scheduling System:

The scheduling system actually defines what drugs doctors are allowed to prescribe and how. Among other factors, it is this system that has made research into the beneficial effects of psychedelics so difficult. Both MDMA (Ecstasy) – which has long history of effective use in psychotherapy — and psilocybin mushrooms — which have been shown to be valuable in helping those with terminal illnesses — are classified as schedule I substances, those considered to have no medical benefit, and therefore completely illegal for doctors of any kind to use or prescribe.

Read the rest on myFDL.

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