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“Lifting the Veil” to be Published by Freaky Fountain

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The logo for Freaky Fountain Press, featuring their mascot "Jenny."

I’m pleased to announce that my short story, “Lifting the Veil” will be published by Freaky Fountain Press in their upcoming publication, This Is The Way the World Ends. Lifting the Veil is an erotic story about experimental drugs, Burning Man, and the apocalypse.

Freaky Fountain Press is a new press dedicated to publishing erotica with edgy, dark themes that aren’t accepted at other publishing houses. Although my story is not as dark as some of the things they publish (or some of the stories I can imagine sending them in the future), it did make its way through a few potential publishing houses before they accepted it. I am thrilled it has found a home.

I also think the Fountain is an exciting new publisher. As someone with a rich, and vivid fantasy life it has often been frustrating to realize there are few publishers willing to touch some of the darker sexual content I might conceivably write about. I firmly believe fantasy is just that — a healthy occupation for human imaginations that know the difference between real and pretend. I also appreciate that they are open to queer and pansexual content — the protagonists of my story are both bisexual, much like their author.

This Is The Way The World Ends is due out on March 1st, 2011. I am sure I’ll be posting more about it as that day gets closer.

Update 3/1/2011: This book is now available. Read an excerpt or buy it here.

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