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Review: L’Amour Silicone Anal Probe

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L'Amour Silicone Beaded Anal Probe from California Exotic Novelties.

I review sex toys for You can find L’Amour Premium Silicone Beaded Probe and other anal beads on their site. Disclaimer: I am not paid for these reviews (unless you purchase a toy via an affiliate link) but I am sent free toys.

It’s funny that I keep giving my Pet toys with French names, given her French heritage. It’s also appropriate because when you give her a clove cigarette, or get her tipsy, she likes to talk like Frenchy Hercules, the trampy sister with an exagerrated accent from the movie Forbidden Zone. In any case, it was a happy accident that shortly after she told me about wanting a new set of anal beads I heard from a representative at with an offer to review this toy.

L’Amour Silicone Anal Probe is an anal toy with 5 beads of silicone connected by a stiff but flexible band of silicone, and ending in a curling tail that keeps the toy safe and makes it easy to use. It’s a lot one of my favorite anal toys, the FunFactory Bendy Beads, but smaller, a bit less expensive, and made of slightly stiffer, springier feeling silicone.

Like many sex toys — including all those from this manufacturer — this toy is sold for novelty use only. There have been a few concerns raised about California Exotics products recently as well. However, there is nothing here to suggest that this toy is anything but what its advertised to be — a set of fun, safe anal beads. There was no noticeable chemical odor when I unboxed the toy and the toy looks and feels like silicone of reasonable quality.

I offered this toy to my pet on her last visit and we enjoyed trying it out. After a little manual warmup and some lube (remember to avoid silicone-based lubes with most silicone toys), the first bead was easy to insert. I had her play with herself while I pushed the rest of the beads in. If I didn’t hold the toy in, the last bead tended to slip out on its own but otherwise it stayed in place — including during penis-in-vagina sex. I noticed a little extra tightness and of course my pet enjoyed the dual sensations. Afterwards, clean-up of this toy was easy, though its possible you’ll need to pay extra attention to where the beads meet the silicone.

The size and softer texture of this toy means it is probably for newcomers to intermediate anal players. It’s size might be less intimidating than similar toys like the Bendy Beads (while still avoiding the weirdness of Flexi Felix). It would also make a great, gradual warm-up before moving on to larger toys. Because it is silicone, clean-up should be a snap — it should even be safe to briefly boil the toy or wash it without soap on the top rack of your dishwasher.

If you like anal beads (or want to try them), are looking for a smaller toy or one that will help you work up to larger ones, or are a toy lover on a tight budget, I can definitely recommend L’Amour Silicone Beaded Anal Probe.

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