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Cover Release: This Is The Way The World Ends / Tomorrow

Posted in Burning Man, Freaky Fountain, Life, and Other Writing

The newly released cover for This Is The Way The World Ends, to be published by Freaky Fountain Press in March.

UPDATE 3/1/2011: This book is now available. Read an excerpt or buy it here.

An exciting moment for any writer is the release of the cover of a book in which their work is appearing. Freaky Fountain Press, publishers of dark and taboo erotica, just released the cover to This Is The Way The World Ends. Scheduled to be published on March 1st, this anthology will feature my short story, “Lifting the Veil.”

I’m really excited to get my hands on my own copy and see what the other authors contributed, especially now that some of us have been communicating with each other on the Fountain’s internal mailing list. There are a bunch of creative, sexy-minded people behind this project. My story has a number of themes familiar to the readers of my blog, including queer sexuality and a major scene taking place at the last ever Burning Man festival.

Freaky Fountain Press actually just released the cover art to their other upcoming anthology, Bad Romance. I enjoyed helping to select the art work, as they encouraged all their authors to do, and I think these are going to be exciting new anthologies from an exciting new small press!

Today may be an exciting day because of the release of my cover, but tomorow is busy too. How come? For two reasons.

Tuesday, January 24 is the last day to postmark your Flipside tickets. Burning Flipside is the regional event in Central Texas inspired by Burning Man which I have been attending for over a decade. Though it takes place over Memorial Day weekend in May, the ticket window is about to close! I’ve written a lot about this event here, including the Camp Smack That Ass! story which is currently being flooded with readers thanks to a link on Maybe you’d like to go and see what it’s like for yourself? Visit the website to find out how to get tickets!

As an aside, if you took a photo of your decorated envelopes, Amy Rowe would like to feature it in the Flipside Flame. Send your envelope photos to flipsideflame20x at gmail dot com. I’m going to make Pet send in her photos of the envelope she decorated for us.

And since I’m already talking about tomorrow, I should also mention that tomorrow is also the latest Austin Art Nerds salon. If you live in the Austin area and are looking for something to do, why not join us and make art? We’ll be meeting from 7 till 10:30 at the Love Shanty. See this Facebook event for complete info.