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Review: Asylum Patient Mouth Restraint

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I review sex toys for You can find the Asylum Patient Mouth Restraint and other Kink Toys on their site. Disclaimer: Although I am not paid for these reviews (unless you purchase something via an affiliate link), I am sent free toys in return for my honest opinion.

Asylum Patient Mouth Restraint, a metal ring gag from TopCo Sales.

Pet and I have been experimenting a little with gags recently. We previously played with a lovely silicone-based ball gag, but though it was fun we haven’t used it very much for whatever reason. We’re still interested in the idea of playing with mouth restraints, however, so I selected this Asylum-brand ring gag from We received it a while ago and I’ve been saving it for the perfect time to play, which turned out to be this most recent Valentine’s Day. In the meantime I’d been enjoying my pet’s growing sense of anticipation.

Asylum, a brand created by major sex toy vendor TopCo, specializes in medical fetish gear. Other items in this line include straight jackets and this creepy hood. In keeping with the theme, rather than call this a ring gag it’s a “patient mouth restraint” and the packaging is covered in pictures of what is labelled a “filthy little girl” being subjected to some dubious medical practices. There’s even a fake prescription label describing the toy, instructing “Patient must be kept from spitting or biting.” This is definitely not the kind of “safe” packaging one sees on something like a Sportsheets box. Both pet and I enjoyed the scary/silly imagery, a combination we find exciting. My own filthy little girl did make a quip, however, about apparently needing more mascara to set the scene.

My biggest complaint about this toy is that I can’t tell you what it’s made from. The gag itself is metal, but nowhere have I been able to find a description of what kind — the box and most websites just describe it as “heavy duty metal,” which sounds more like an anthology of rock music one would find sold on TV late at night rather than something you put in your mouth. Like many sex toys, this is sold for novelty use only; Pet and I were a little nervous because she has a nickel allergy that can cause her skin to break out in an itchy rash. However, we can happily report that we haven’t yet had any problems with this toy after a lengthy scene. If this changes in the future and she does develop a reaction, I will update this review.

The "Filthy Little Girl" in too much mascara from the Asylum packaging demonstrates the proper use of this gag. Photo by TopCo Sales.

The gag is held on by a soft nylon strap which is fully adjustable thanks to a number of holes along its length. The materials mean the entire toy is washable in your sink with soap and water. It was easy to put on my pet and held the toy comfortably in place. Pet told me that at first she was a little nervous about whether the toy would knock painfully against her teeth but the reality was she soon forgot it was there. Until, that is, I’d move her around during the scene and she’d suddenly be reminded of how much wearing this toy was making her drool. This realization would simultaneously be humiliating and make her giggle, all the while making her feel more submissive.

This gag restrains movement of the lips and jaws, but the tongue is still mobile. A play partner wearing it can still kind of talk — enough that they could probably still safeword in many instances without the need for an alternate solution. One cannot talk clearly, just kind of mumble, however. The tongue can be put through the ring, but the mouth cannot be closed n any way.

As I said above, my pet wore this during a lengthy scene with a lot of different play. There was spanking with my new Spartacus frat paddle and some very intense use of the vampire gloves to leave a nice “valentine” temporarily imprinted on her skin. But our favorite for both of us was performing oral sex with this gag in. I love slippery fellatio, and the feel of the slick metal ring sliding against my shaft and around the head of my cock as I thrust into her mouth was amazing. So was the look on her face, with saliva streaming from her lips, when I yanked her head back by the hair to take a look.

We really enjoyed the Asylum Patient Mouth Restraint; it’s our favorite gag so far and I think we’ll use it a lot more than the ball gag. I guess it’s all a little twisted but if she’s my filthy little girl then I am at heart a dirty little boy.

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