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Updates on My Writing

Posted in Freaky Fountain, Other Writing, and Published

A brief post with some updates on my writing — where you can read it now and some places you’ll be able to find it soon.

  • My story “Lifting the Veil” is now available on Kindle as part of This Is The Way The World Ends. Buying from Kindle is a little more expensive than purchasing direct from Freaky Fountain but may be worth it for the convenience of reading on your favorite devices.
  • My essay “The Paradox of Kink” will be published in Josie Whip’s new online magazine later this month. I’m excited about my words sharing the stage with their beautiful toys!
  • My recent short story “An Orgasm” will appear soon, absolutely free, as a guest post on M. Christian’s blog, Imagination Is Intelligence With An Erection.

Of course, stay tuned for updates when these works become available.