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Review: Lelo’s Luna Beads

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I review sex toys for You can find the Lelo Luna Beads, along with other kegel exercisers and many varieties of vibrators on their site.

I’ve asked my lovers to let me know about the kinds of toys they are interested in playing with, and Pet had expressed some interest in ben-wa balls or other kegel exercisers. Though her muscles are already quite strong, I love the idea of making them stronger or giving her more isolated control over them.

The Lelo Luna Beads in their storage box.

Lelo is one of the hot new brands creating high quality sex toys which are marketed as sex toys (or “pleasure objects” as Lelo terms them), rather than “for novelty use only” items like so many other less prestigious vendors. They’ve become known for their innovative rechargeable vibrators, but they also create other products like the Lelo Luna Beads, a unique and tastefully designed set of kegel exercisers.

The Luna Beads are a set of four kegel exercising balls, all of which have little beads inside them for added weight and sensation. Two of the beads are pink and are slightly lighter than the two, heavier, blue beads. One bead from each color has a string attached to make retrieval easier, and they are made from body-safe ABS plastic. The balls are slightly transluscent, allowing you to see the beads inside. Also included is a “girdle” of medical-grade silicone which allows you to attach any two of the balls.

This toy ships in an attractive, reusable black storage box along with a clear, well-written instruction manual and a little pouch which is useful if you wear some beads out on the town but need to remove them before you get home. One minor issue we had was that the Luna Beads have a plastic insert covering them when you first unpack them. This obviously maintains the hygiene of this toy but it was hard to remove. If you are planning to introduce the Luna Beads during a play session and you don’t want it interrupted, you should plan to remove this insert ahead of time.

I gifted them to pet when they arrived during a recent visit. I used a little lube and slipped one of the lighter pink beads into her before going out for lunch and a couple errands together. At first she seemed hyperaware of the presence of the ball, but even as the day went on she’d be reminded of it suddenly and I’d see her squirm and giggle. When we got back we added a second pink bead in the girdle and I bent her over my knee for a spanking. Pet told me she could feel an aftershock of each spanking in the Luna Beads, a sensation that seemed to be very stimulating to her!

The Lelo Luna Beads are intended to be used over time to strengthen the pelvic muscles. Rather than review this toy after a single play session, I asked my pet to take them home with her and wear them periodically over the month that followed. During her next visit, we wore them at a small kink gathering. As always she loved moving around in them, but the sensations of both tight rope bondage and flogging sent her into fits of giggles and moans.

She took breaks from wearing these toys such as during her period, but she did have a lot of practice in them by the end of the month. She regularly wears a single blue bead and sometimes heavier combinations too. Some reading I’ve done online suggests it can take much longer to really see a difference, but I was definitely more aware of the contractions of her inner muscles during sex on her most recent visit. And even if they haven’t made a true difference in her muscular strength, we’ve had loads of fun with these as foreplay.

If you’re interested in kegel exercisers or ben wa balls, then Lelo Luna Beads are a great choice. However, they come with my highest recommendation for my fellow kinksters who want to add a little more wiggling pleasure to their impact play.  This toy’s design combines eroticism, body safety, and visual appeal all together in 4 tiny little packages.

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