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Review: Wet Platinum

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I review adult toys for You can find Wet Platinum and other lubricants on their site.

Platinum personal sexual lubricant from Wet International.

One of my goals for 2011 is to review as many sexual lubricants as possible. I’ve always been a lube snob, and I love experimenting with new products as well as rediscovering older ones. Among the products offered to reviewers by recently was Platinum from Wet International. I have played with Wet brand lubes before, but not for some time and not this exact formula.

Like most silicone lubricants, Platinum is free of glycerin and parabens, two ingredients common in lubes that can cause yeast infections or allergic reactions in many people. As always, I like to examine the ingredients list with my readers and try to figure out what’s really inside this lube:

In my non-expert opinion, the ingredients here seem relatively safe, free of many of the potentially harmful chemicals found in some lubricants. However, as always you shouldn’t use it if you find it irritating. I urge everyone to do their own research into any chemicals they are putting on or in their bodies.

My sample of Platinum came in a black squeeze bottle with a snap-top that closes very securely. The lube does not drip from the bottle on its own, and is easy to control when you squeeze it. Platinum has a very thin consistency but is extremely slick. It is essentially odorless and tasteless. When you apply it, it almost seems to disappear onto whatever surface you spread it on, but that surface will stay slippery for a very long time. Since it does not contain water it is much slower to absorb into skin or mucous membranes. You will likely find that you wish to use a wet wipe, or some soap and water to remove it from your hands and body after play. In fact, you’ll probably want to wash the bottle regularly too, as mine got greasy almost immediately.

I used Wet Platinum with my pet to assist penetration by a very large wooden toy. The toy went in easily and the condom covering it stayed slick though it’s worth noting she was very wet to begin with. We also used this lubricant successfully for various kinds of anal stimulation, from fingers to penetrative anal sex. Although this lube doesn’t seem very thick, it stays slippery for a long time and needs to be reapplied less than others.

About the only thing I didn’t enjoy was using Wet Platinum for masturbation. I just prefer a thicker texture for self pleasure than this provides, and the cleanup is not worth the trouble.  Other than the added cleanup, the other drawback of any silicone lubricant is that you can’t safely use it with most silicone toys. It may be safe to use with some of the highest quality brands but it is best to always use water-based lube on silicone toys, just to be safe.

Wet Platinum is a welcome addition to my growing lube collection. I won’t be using it as often as others, but I’ll be glad to have it by the bed for anal play.

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