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Published: The Paradox of Kink (Josie Whip Spring Catalog)

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The Josie Whip Spring Catalog, featuring my essay "The Paradox of Kink" (Click to read).

Perhaps you remember my review of a beautiful wood and leather flogger from Josie Whip. In addition to some amazing new toys, their freshly released spring catalog includes some great writing including my essay, “The Paradox of Kink.”

I think it startles others in the ‘scene’ when I refer to what we do as a game. There’s a deep seriousness to it sometimes, and it certainly isn’t one we play lightly; indeed, the physical and mental well-beings of our lovers or play partners are on the line if we play this badly. It’s easy to disappear into our roles or to start to mistake the Dominant or submissive masks we wear for our entire selves rather than merely a key facet of our beings. Go too far in that direction and you end up crashing from Dom Drop, as you realize you have to be a human being and not just a Hyper-Dominant badass. Of course, by contrast if one is too flippant about the rules and ways then your play partners will wander off; confidence and a deep belief in the role we play are the crucial skills that let us turn a sub’s legs to jelly when we give them that special stare.

–from “The Paradox of Kink”,

Read It Here

In addition to my essay they also published an excellent primer on sensual bondage by M. Christian.

And speaking of my review, Josie Whip have responded to several of my criticisms including changing their return policy from three days to ninety days. If I continue to care for it properly, I anticipate that my Josie Whip is the kind of toy I can pass on to the next generation of kinksters in my old age, so I am glad to see them stand behind the quality of their toys.

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