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Review: Fascinator Leopard Throe

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I review adult toys for You can find the Fascinator Leopard Throe and other toys for lovers on their site.

Fascinator Leopard Throe from Liberator & MyPleasure.

I’ve known about this product for a long time now, so it feels a little strange to review it as a new user — despite obsessing over these sex blankets since sometime in 2009, I’m only now getting to try them out for myself.

Sex is messy. As a polyamorous man with a number of female lovers, I wash a lot of sheets. Sexual fluids and lubricants get everywhere. Even without dealing with an especially slippery woman or the ejaculate of a person of any gender, condoms and sex toys and half-open lube bottles get dropped on the sheets. Since my main apartment is an efficiency in a much larger shared house, I’ve found myself having to hurriedly change sheets when even a platonic friend is coming for a visit after I’ve had a sex partner over.

The Fascinator Throes from Liberator aim to alleviate this problem while providing a sensual surface for sexual encounters of all kinds. My throe, which covers most of my queen size bed when spread out fully, has a soft velvety leopard print on one side and a satiny black side. These throes are available in a number of different colors and textures but at the core of them all is a unique waterproof layer. This layer is what turns the Fascinator Throes from a fun blanket into an essential accessory for the sexually active, by protecting sheets from almost any amount of sexual byproducts. The blanket can also be sent through your washer and dryer between uses, so cleanup could not be easier.

Saskia lounges blissfully on the Fascinator Throe while Mz Honey J works on schoolwork in the background.

The Liberator was an immediate hit amongst my lovers and myself. That doesn’t even begin to account for the love Saskia, my pet bandersnatch, has discovered for this blanket. She’s convinced it’s the greatest cat blanket ever invented, but one she graciously allows her humans to have sex on it from time to time. Since the texture is just velvety and thinner than the real thing, it doesn’t seem to accumulate cat hair too quickly or visibly thanks to the pattern.

It is possible that her love for this throe may stem in part from one of its only small drawbacks — the waterproof layer crinkles audibly, a sound my cat finds quite appealing but may bother some. It doesn’t phase me or any of my lovers, but it is worth noting.

The velvety side is pretty warm, which means sex can be kind of sweaty on it (also not necessarily a drawback), but HoneyJ especially seemed to adore the texture, and Pet loves the leopard print. That added warmth will likely be welcome when the blanket sees use for outdoor encounters or during cooler weather. The satiny layer feels great on skin too, and in addition to feeling a bit cooler, the blanket slips around a little less on the bed with this side up. Still, slippage may be another minor problem for some.

In addition to being great for sex, this blanket is also wonderful for cuddling (though the sensual texture seems to often lead right back to fucking) and the throe has seen use for aftercare at a recent kink party where outdoor play took place on a cool night. I’m not yet in the habit of using this blanket every time; sometimes passion just overcomes planning, but there’s also something erotic about laying this out as a way to deliberately set the stage.

I love my new Fascinator Leopard Throe every bit as much as I’d hoped I would. Many thanks to MyPleasure for giving me the long-awaited chance to own one.

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