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Review: Firebrand’s Get Your Glow On Flogger

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I review sex toys. House of Firebrand sent me their Get Your Glow On flogger in return for my honest opinion about their product.

House of Firebrand's Get Your Glow On flogger.

I have a lot of crafty friends. My pet has been learning to crochet floggers. Lots of my friends have experimented with making their toys, and some have become genuine artisans. I don’t have any of those skills. When I wanted to give a love token to her to wear as a sign that she is ‘under consideration’ for a permanent collar, I asked my friend Erika Tesla to design it, While I may be good with my hands in other ways, even some of the simplest craft projects are beyond my skills or interest. I usually don’t want to spend the time and rely on others to make neat things for me.

I was excited to get the Get Your Glow On flogger from Etsy’s House of Firebrand shop. As a member of the Burning Man community I adore anything that lights up or glows. As a kinkster, I love impact toys and other ways to cause pleasurable pain. Bringing the two together is one of the surest ways to thrill me.

Get Your Glow On is a simple flogger made from plastic glow-in-the-dark rope. The handle is made of easy-to-hold ribbon with a texture that feels nice in your hands. I had some problems with the ribbon coming loose on the first flogger but Kara Firebrand, the San Francisco artist responsible, was wonderful about sending me a replacement which has proven to be secure and sturdy. It’s of the utmost importance to me to know a vendor or artisan stands behind their work, and Kara clearly does.

At the very base is a ring so you can hang this toy. Hanging it is a good idea, because if you leave it bent it can temporarily stay in the position you left it in, but straightening it out and laying it flat for a while will correct that. According to the website, it has approximately 100 tails. The tips are blunt which reduces their sting.

Like all glow in the dark materials, it doesn’t work without being charged first. Instead, you need to leave the flogger in some direct sunlight, or under a strong lamp for a while. Unfortunately I don’t have photographic equipment capable of capturing the glow it produces, but if you charge it enough the tails glow a pleasantly bright green color. The color fades over time, but looks great in a dark or very dimly lit room. It’s a lot of fun to swing in those conditions even when I am not using it on someone’s flesh.

This flogger creates relatively light stinging sensations. My lover Honey J didn’t really care for the plastic texture of the tails. However, it was very popular when I brought it to a recent Burner campout. I took two lovers back to my tent over the course of that weekend, and both enjoyed it a great deal.  The first simply adored being flogged on the soles of her feet with the toy. The other compared the sensation on her back and ass to being lightly hit with a cane, though it certainly does not leave marks as easily.

Get Your Glow On, or any of House of Firebrand’s similar floggers in different colors, would make an excellent choice for a beginner. It’s light-weight, inexpensive, and easy to swing and aim. I am sure a set of these would look wonderful as florentine (two-handed) floggers in a dim room. Since this is a small vendor, get in touch with her if the toy happens to be sold out — she can even make them in custom colors. This toy is recommended for anyone who will have the opportunity to break it out at a party or other environment where new friends will be drawn to its incandescence.