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Review: Fairy Pocket Mini-USB Wand

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Update 11/4: Mypleasure is sold out of this popular toy, but you can still buy a Fairy Wand here.

I review adult toys for You can find the Fairy Pocket Mini-USB Wand and other vibrators on their site.

Some friends of mine have decided that it’s National Vibrator Awareness Day. Vibrators have brought people a lot of pleasure and helped many discover healthier, more satisfying sex lives. Given the repressive attitudes toward sexuality we still suffer under all too often, I think it’ll be a while before this particular holiday enters the country’s consciousness as a whole. I still wanted to do my part today so I decided to review my new favorite vibrator.

The Fairy Pocket Mini-USB Wand.

As people have become slowly more accepting and aware of vibrators in the last few decades, one toy has risen above all others to be known as the most powerful: the Hitachi Magic Wand. This corded, electric vibrator is so powerful and so popular that it has become the standard by which other toys are judged. Despite the plethora of toys with other features — toys that wiggle or thrust, toys that stimulate the g-spot directly or are safe for anal play and so on — you will often hear that the Magic Wand is the only toy you need. Certainly for those in need of the most powerful vibrations available, it is one of the best choices.

Yet the Hitachi has many drawbacks. It’s cord is too short and all too easy to pull out of the wall at absolutely the worst moment. It’s head is huge, porous, and difficult to clean or cover with a condom. The toy itself is heavy and one of the noisiest out there. At its size, it can be very difficult to hold in place in some positions, especially during partnered sex. It’s no surprise that many Magic Wand alternatives have begun to appear in the last few years.

The Fairy Pocket Mini-USB Wand is one such option. It’s a tiny rechargeable cordless vibe in the shape of a Magic Wand but which plugs into any USB port — you can simply plug it into your computer, or directly into a USB-style wall-socket or phone charger. There is a little blue light inside the casing which glows while charging and turns off when the battery is full. On less than an hour’s charging, it can run for up to 60 minutes! Be aware that the USB port on the toy is not a standard one, so if you lose the cord you will probably need to order a new one from the manufacturer. Since their website, listed on this toy’s removable wrist strap, is in Japanese that may present some difficulties.

This toy is light-weight and tiny. It fits perfectly inside a condom which makes it a great option for sharing. Even if you aren’t sharing, you may want to use a condom anyway, as the open charging port and seams along the toy’s edges will almost inevitably collect gunk. It isn’t waterproof so you have to be careful during cleaning, but I have taken to wiping the toy down with alcohol between uses and haven’t had any problems.

The Fairy Wand charging on my laptop's USB port. Note the glowing blue 'fairy light.'

Unfortunately, I don’t have a Magic Wand so I can’t make a side-by-side comparison, but the Fairy Wand is a little quieter than the Hitachi Wand I remember. I still wouldn’t want to hide it from a nosy roommate. And I can’t tell you if this toy is as strong as a Magic Wand, but its vibrations are certainly more targeted and it does share one characteristic: it’s very powerful. So powerful that the highest setting was actually too strong for two of the women I tried it on!

I’ve used this toy with both Pet and HoneyJ as well as two more casual sex partners I encountered at a recent campout. It was perfect to bring with me camping, as it slipped easily into my backpack and could be brought out in my tent and slipped into a condom when the time was right. Everyone I’ve used it with gave it an enthusiastic review; even the ones for whom High was too high found the lower speed gloriously pleasurable. In the short time I’ve owned this toy it has become the source of many loud, strong orgasms and lots of happy afterglow.

I’ve seen some of my fellow sex toy reviewers scoff at this wand because of its tiny size. While it certainly doesn’t offer vibrations across as wide a surface area as other wands, which may be a genuine concern for some, it absolutely does not shirk on power. I’m amazed at how much strength is packed into the tiny Fairy Pocket Mini-USB Wand. As long as I can keep from losing the cord, it’s going to see a lot of use in my life.

Disclaimer: Though I am not paid for these reviews (unless you purchase a toy via one of my affiliate links), I do receive free toys in return for my honest opinion.

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