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Review: Spartacus Butterfly Nipple Clamps

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I review sex toys for You can find the Spartacus Butterfly Clamps and other Kink Toys on their site.

Spartacus Butterfly Clamps, a style of intense nipple clamps also known as clover clamps.

There’s nipple play and then there’s nipple pain. Many people enjoy tugging or even biting. There are nipple clamps of many kinds, many of which allow for an adjustable tightness from a light squeeze to a sharp pinch. And then there are clover clamps.

These Butterfly Clamps are Spartacus Leathers’ interpretation of this classic toy. Clover clamps start out where most nipple clamps leave off, with a tight, fierce, painful pinch. Though not strictly adjustable — there’s no way to lighten the pinch — you can make them even meaner by tugging on the chain.

Clover clamps are absolutely not for beginners — really they aren’t for anyone but the very masochistic, especially those who have come to be known in the scene as “pain sluts.” Although both my Pet and myself love nipple play, thanks to our pierced nipples these are much too intense. I’ve only managed to wear them for a few scant seconds before the pain overwhelms me (though the rush of endorphins after I take them off is still quite pleasant). Imagine putting binder clips on your nipples and you have an idea of the intensity involved.

But then there are play partners like Mz Honey J. Like many of my play partners, pain arouses her intensely (and makes her giggle) but her unpierced nipples can handle a lot more torture. When I last had the opportunity to choose toys from, I ordered these specifically with her in mind. I have not been disappointed with the results, and neither has she!

A close-up of the Spartacus clover clamps.

Like all Spartacus toys I have tried, these clamps are well made and sturdy. Though they grip tightly, it is easy for the top in the scene to push them open. They have soft rubber tips, which means your submissive’s nipples will feel the pinch but not the bite of sharp bare metal. The chain between them seems durable and securely attached, able to stand up to a lot of tugging.

Though we’ve tried them several times now, the most memorable scene involving these clamps was at a recent play party in the San Marcos area. My apprentice Noelle and I had Honey J tied down to an outdoor bondage cross using my new Fetish Fantasy Bondage Rope (subject of a future review). She wore these clamps during an intense scene with a lot of impact play, and it was wonderful to tug on them while we were doing other wicked things to her, nearly overwhelming her with sensation and causing her to squirm, scream and laugh in her bonds. The clamps were sturdy enough that we could pull her up onto her tiptoes without either the chain or the toy itself coming loose.

Of course, the frumious bandersnatch is convinced the Spartacus Clamps are a cat toy.

Asked for her opinion on these clover clamps, Honey said “I fucking love those things!”

And obviously, I love using them on her and anyone else who can take this kind of nipple pain. I’m quite convinced these toys will feature in many future scenes. I’ve come to rely on the quality of Spartacus’ toys and these clamps are no exception.

Do I recommend the Spartacus Butterfly Clamps? Absolutely, if you are a sadist with a masochistic lover or play partner who loves intense nipple pain. I can’t stress enough that this style of clamp provides some of the most intense nipple torture possible in a mass-produced toy. If you’re looking for something more adaptable or less extreme, then has many alternatives available.


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