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Review: Don Wands’ Cobalt Glass Pleasure Wand

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I review sex toys for You can find the Cobalt Glass Pleasure Wand and other dildos on their site.

Alternate materials for sex toys interest me a great deal. Lately there have been a greater variety of materials to choose from than ever before, especially if one wants to distance oneself from gross products like jelly rubber. In addition to silicone, we can now enjoy dildos made from wood, aluminum or even ceramic (a material I hope to highlight more here in the near future).

Cobalt Glass Pleasure Wand from Don Wands.

Glass toys have a lot of advantages that make them perfect for the sex toy enthusiast. The idea of putting something breakable inside a delicate bodily orifice may make these toys seem frightening at first, but a safe glass sex toy is made of very solid, very thick glass with no visible bubbles or impurities.

As long as you check your toys before use, are careful not to drop them, and discard them as soon as there is any visible damage, a glass sex toy is a great way to bring a lot of pleasure. Glass is non-porous, which means it is easy to clean, even sterilize, making it safer for personal use and a great choice for sharing. The extreme smoothness means it has a very sensual texture and requires very little lube, and many people enjoy the firmness especially for g-spot stimulation.

This Cobalt Pleasure Wand from Don Wands is a great example of a quality mass-produced glass dildo. Its long shaft is gently curved in ridged cobalt blue glass, with a crystal-clear bulbous tip. The flared base means it could be inserted into a strong enough strap-on harness or used safely for anal play. The ridges do need a little extra care during cleaning, but they are far enough apart that they do not cause too many problems.

This toy ships in a soft purple pouch made of a plush velvety material, with a black drawstring to keep it securely shut. The pouch provides enough padding that I felt comfortable bringing this toy along to a festival camping event where I thought it might be appreciated, and it went through the laundry without issue afterward. The package also included a sample pack of Wet Platinum silicone lube, which is perfect for use with a toy like this and was just the right size to slip into my pouch of safer sex supplies.

Although glass is too firm for my own personal tastes, I have tried this toy on a number of female lovers to great success. The curve makes it easy to target their g-spot, the spiral texture seems is very stimulating, and it’s smoothness is great fun for us both to feel sliding slickly in and out.

If you’ve been interested in glass sex toys then the Don Wands Cobalt Pleasure Wand is a great choice. Experienced dildo lovers will also enjoy this well made and fun addition to their collections.

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