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Review: Don Wands’ Duchess

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I review sex toys for You can find the Duchess and other dildos on their site.

Among open mature people, Poly relationships can mutate in intriguing and pleasurable ways. Lately two of my lovers, Grace and Mizz Honey J, have begun dating each other. They’re both smart, kinky, and playful girls so it’s no surprise to me they have hit it off so well. It has brought me a lot of pleasure — not just when we share, but knowing how much happiness they’ve brought each other.

Grace can sometimes ejaculate, something both Honey and I find incredibly sexy. But it’s easiest for her to do it with direct, penetrative g-spot stimulation followed by clitoral stimulation from a hand or vibrator. In order to facilitate this kind of play, and for the pleasure it would bring them both, they decided they might be in the market for a dildo. Being the self-less sex toy reviewer that I am, I added something special to my next order.

We’d already enjoyed the Cobalt Blue Pleasure Wand from Don Wands, so I was happy to shop for another of their glass dildos. I thought the Duchess would be a good choice for a number of reasons — with one phallic end and the other with two balls, it would give a variety of stimulation in a single toy. The nubby texture along the shaft looked fun, and it was a pretty deep blue I thought would appeal to them both. Because this is a glass dildo, it would be easy for them to clean and sterilize while still sharing it between them both.

We recently spent the night together at HoneyJ’s house and it was the perfect night to introduce them to their new shared toy. After some warm up with our new 2011 Smack That Ass! paddles, my two girls took turns with the Duchess. HoneyJ used it on Grace first. She enjoyed the phallic end but found the rounded end much more stimulating, and combined with some manual play she was soon enjoying strong, loud orgasms. We washed the dildo off and then it was Honey’s turn. She enjoyed both ends a great deal, but seemed to prefer the opposite, phallic-shaped end. Honey, too, was quickly begging us to come. Next they took turns wedging it between their thighs to mimic vaginal intercourse on the other; it was both an erotic sight and suggested that a two-ended toy may be in their future as well.

At the end of the night, Grace and Honey were thrilled with their new gift. Grace got to take it home first, on the condition that Honey receive text messages letting her know when it was in use. Like my other dildo from Don Wands, the Duchess is well-made, aesthetically appealing, and sure to see a lot of use.

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