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LELO Luna & Kegel Toy Questions

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The Lelo Luna Beads, a modular set of kegel toys.

Although I’ve been sent many toys to review here on this site, few have seen as much use as the Lelo Luna Beads which I got for Pet. We’ve enjoyed them in a number of fun situations, and I believe they’ve made her internal muscles stronger. Though she does not wear them every day, we enjoy adding them to a scene or using them when we go out in public.

I keep an eye on the search terms people use to reach this blog, and I sometimes try to use them as topics for posts. It’s a little like answering reader questions; of course, if readers want to send me actual questions you are welcome to do so by comment or email. Here are a couple of Luna or kegel toy related topics from search terms:

How to insert lelo luna balls

The Luna Beads are unique among kegel trainers in that they are a modular set of four small balls made from body safe plastic with beads inside them to create feedback from movement. There are two lighter balls and two heavier ones. You can use one by itself, or wear two at once with the girdle.

Made of flexible silicone, the girdle is easy to operate. You can easily pop a set of beads into it, either the two lighter ones, the two heavier ones, or combine one of each for an intermediate challenge. The girdle is firm enough to hold them, but not so much that it becomes difficult to switch beads.

Inserting the toy into the body itself is pretty easy. While with most toys, the rule is the slippery the better these are one exception — a woman should not be too dry, so it sometimes helps to add a bit of lube. However, add too much and they will become too slippery to hold. As a result, I recommend only using small to moderate amounts of a water-based lube. Simply insert them into the vagina and push them in until they are deep enough to feel secure and comfortable. We usually do this with Pet laying on her back with legs spread or knees held back toward her chest. Sometimes I will insert them, and other times she will do it herself.

Do you start with heavier or lighter ben wa balls when exercising kegels?

The original ben wa balls come from Asia, and are metal or steel balls. Maenad, a historian friend of mine, tells me a variation became popular in sweatshops back when women used pedal-powered sewing machines; this must have made the day go faster. Today, kegel toys come in different shapes from Lelo’s Luna Beads to tiny barbells. There’s even this unique wooden toy.

Just like any other form of exercise, kegels (contracting the pelvic floor muscle) are easiest with no added weight at all and become more challenging the more you add. While you can do kegels any time, adding a toy forces the muscles to work constantly against gravity and movement. This is much more challenging than simply flexing occasionally while sitting at a stop light or in boring meetings at work.