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Kit Q&A: Would you go to Burning Man again?

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I like to answer questions my readers ask, or questions posed in search terms I find in my website logs.

Would you go to Burning Man again?

A glimpse inside one of David Best's Temples. Black Rock City, 2004. Photo by Avram Cheaney.

It has been 7 years since I attended Burning Man, though I have gone to Burning Flipside every year since 2001. For a struggling writer in Texas, making the trek to the playa is no easy undertaking. Even if you are not funding a theme camp of any kind, it can easily cost $1000 just to cover the bare necessities. While some Burners from all over can afford to attend That Thing In the Desert almost every year, for others it is the kind of pilgrimage one makes once or a handful of times.

It is obvious that my experiences in the Burn community in general and at Burning Man specifically have left a large impression on me. I yearn to go back and smell the playa dust again. My housemate Kristen is gearing up to go, along with many more friends. I’ve watched the work on Ouroboros, the Flipside Core Project and wished I’d get to watch it burn.

Though my situation is improving, my finances were not stable enough to make the trip this year. Even if I had the money now, this is the first year that Burning Man tickets sold out.

My plan is to return to Burning Man in 2012. It has been far too long, and anyway I figure the Mayan prophecy lunacy ensures some really amazing parties.

Reasons Not to Go to Burning Man

  1. You’re a giant douche (or That Guy).
  2. Because it was better in the old days.
  3. You sold your ticket for $1000 to pay the rent after getting laid off.
  4. You lost your floating island (so donate and help these artists build a new one).
  5. You’re going to a kickass orphan burn, like me.
Add your own in the comments.

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