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Burner Mail

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The lexicographer will surely soon be enjoying this book as much as this reader seems to be. Photo by Julian Cash

My Dell laptop is breaking again — it is overheating and running slow, and sometimes refusing to charge even when plugged in. I think I am hard on my equipment, and then I also catch my cat, the frumious bandersnatch, stomping all over this thing and using it as a butt-warmer.

My polyfamily is continuing our GTFO plans — Honey is temporarily couch surfing with Grace in Grace’s new Austin apartment, to get her out of a bad living situation. Pet has found her own place, a room with some new friends of ours nearby in South Austin. I’ve been very busy with my new gig and other projects, with too little time for my writing. But life is still full of goodness. I recently celebrated my 1 year anniversary of dating Grace. I took a yoga class at a neighborhood dance studio called Esquina Tango. As my first yoga class in years it kicked my ass more than a little but left me itching for more of the same. I’m not sure if I will make it this week — Friday is pet’s birthday! — but I will be back in the future.

Along with a box to send back my ailing laptop, my mail also brought a strange little pleasure. What was this thin little box covered in stickers of cats? Usually when I get things to review they come in plain brown wrappers whether they are dirty or not, but this box arrived covered in felines and an odd koala or two. A little dog declared in a hand-written speech bubble, “I’m about to have the best time of my entire life… Ready?” It was probably not another vibrator.

The return address informed me that it was from Julian “Supernail” Cash, one of the most well-known photographers at Burning Man. Inside, I realized, was my review copy of The People of Burning Man, his new photo book — the product of years of hard work and a successful Kickstarter campaign. Given the care that went into packaging it, I thought I should document the process of opening it — though this ritual is usually reserved for expensive and trendy electronic gadgets, I have created a small unboxing gallery. In addition to the crazy package and a hardcover inside I also got stickers, post-cards, and a button. What Burner doesn’t love swag?

This is a very beautiful book with wonderful color photos. The quality is impressive. One feature I love already is that the inside front cover is printed with an old-fashioned library card and the statement, “This Book Was Meant To Be Borrowed. Can you fill up this Borrower’s Card?”

My review will be coming soon but in the meantime, you can order it on Amazon or visit the People of Burning Man homepage. I’ll be bringing this book, along with The Tribes of Burning Man and a couple of others, with me to Orfunner, our local orphan regional, so feel free to ask for a browse if you see me there.

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