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Review: Ophoria A-Plug

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I review sex toys for You can find the Ophoria A-Plug and other anal toys on their site.

The Ophoria A-Plug is a simple beginner's anal toy.

Could the Ophoria A-Plug possibly have a more generic sounding name? I think abbreviating the ‘A’ in anal plug was an attempt to sound more stylish, but it has the opposite effect: “What’s that?” “Oh, it’s just a plug.”

And this really is a pretty generic anal toy, though a good one. I selected it for a lover who was curious about anal play but almost totally inexperienced. I knew I had to start small — and of course I knew I wanted a toy made of silicone, a material which is just firm enough for insertion but comfortable and easy to clean and sterilize. I’ve played with a couple of Ophoria’s toys before and find them enjoyable but basic and this one is much the same.

The A-Plug came in commonplace “sex toy purple.” It is a smooth, tapered shape with an easy to grip handle at the base which also provides a safe flare (you should never use toys or objects which are not flared for anal play). Its end is round, rather than pointy, making for comfortable insertion.

We experimented with the A-Plug on the same night that we tried out the Natural lube, so after a little warm up I applied that product to the plug. It went in very easily and initially stayed in place. When we added a vibrator for more stimulation, however, the contractions of her inner muscles easily pushed it out and afterward it was hard to get it to stay in. She did say she liked the experience, and looked forward to trying it out again in the future.

Bad sex toy reviews sometimes mistakenly refer to low-quality toys as good for beginners, but the Ophoria A-Plug is the quintessential butt plug for beginners. Absolute beginners, that is — I would only recommend this toy to those who have never tried anal stimulation, or as a toy to introduce anal beginners who are timid or nervous. It is inexpensive, but even neophytes to this kind of play will probably outgrow it quickly and want something at least a bit bigger.

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