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Review: Axovus Ultimate Blindfold

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Axovus sent me the Ultimate Blindfold directly for review. You can find other blindfolds or Axovus products on

The Axovus Ultimate Blindfold.

Oh Axovus — I love your products. Even though I have only played with two of your toys, your style and creativity is clear, one part fetish and one part Burner/goth. It would be great to stomp around the playa in some light-up gauntlets or your glowing goggles someday.

Previously I reviewed The Illuminator, a LED-tipped flogger which is both beautiful and beautifully painful, with a wonderfully simple industrial design. It never fails to draw comments every time I bring it out; those comments are always positive except from the most stodgiest of old-timers (or the old before their time).

It excited me to hear I’d be getting the Axovus Ultimate Blindfold, but in the end I held off reviewing it for a while to make sure I could give it the most honest opinion possible. I did not want to let my fandom get in the way of telling my readers how I felt about this toy. I tried this blindfold on three different lovers, so what follows is a composite experience.

Axovus designed the Ultimate Blindfold to create sensory deprivation while being both comfortable and stylish. Though the straps and outer layer are leather, it covers the eyes in soft, cupped foam. It does not place pressure on the eyes when worn, unlike simple scarves or even most commercial blindfolds. The straps are adjustable on both sides, and split in the back to better grip the head.

When worn, my lovers reported that the blindfold was extremely comfortable, though there was sometimes brief, slight discomfort while we tightened the straps. The best way to put it on was to unstrap one side completely, then fit it around the head as I strapped it shut again. Three out of four of my playmates reported being able to see a tiny amount of light in well-lit rooms, but this was only a very small crack at the bottom of the blindfold through which they couldn’t make out any details. Sometimes it took us a couple tries to get the blindfold adjusted just right, especially when working around hair.

The Axovus Ultimate Blindfold -- side view.

Unfortunately, though the blindfold is initially secure, it loosens when rubbed. If my submissive was laying on her back and began to squirm — as submissives are wont to do — the blindfold would often slip off of the eyes. It was easy to put back in place, but it broke some of the moment each time it happened.

It might be possible to fix this by adding more holes to the leather straps, so that the blindfold could be tightened a little. For review purposes, however, we were only using the three holes that come on each strap. One lover also commented that it looked “a little like a bra,” but this is a subjective issue.

This is not a toy I can recommend for all situations. The Ultimate Blindfold would be very effective — and look quite attractive — in any public scene performed in a dungeon or at a play party. It is a great choice for any situation where the submissive or bottom in the scene will be sitting, standing, or led about while deprived of sight. Sadly, the lack of versatility means that it does not quite live up to its name.


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