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Review: Thomas Collins Diletti (Ceramic Dildos)

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I review sex toys. These dildos were sent for review directly from TC Diletti.

My housemate knows I receive interesting and sexy packages, but never before has one of my deliveries gotten so much attention. What a treat it was to open up a shipping box and reveal not one but three delightful ceramic dildos from Thomas Collins Diletti. For days afterward, she insisted I show them off to all our visitors, amused with both their artistry and the fun of living with someone who got such things in the mail (even though our relationship is not a sexual one now). Admittedly, this kind of behavior is more acceptable in our circle of friends than most.

Three ceramic dildos from Thomas Collins Diletti.

She seemed most tickled by the display stand that shipped with the trio which allows one to display a diletti (italian for dildo) on the mantle or by the bedside. Yet these toys feel like one of a kind fine art objects as well as finely crafted sex toys. They are as smooth and wonderful to touch and gaze upon as they are to put to use.

I have a great deal of faith in the quality of these toys, and not just because of these three. Before sending these dildos for review, I received another just as a gift. It couldn’t be sold, they said, because of an imperfection which turned out to be a tiny crack inside its hollow shaft. These artisans are perfectionists and that shows.

Every TC Diletti toy is one of a kind and given a name — though the pair of artisans behind these toys were too busy making and selling cocks to send me the names of this bunch before I wrote this review, so I had to name them myself. Though it isn’t obvious from the pictures, they are three different sizes. The grey one is the smallest but has a wonderful g-spot curve. The blue toy is long with beautiful designs on it. Finally, the largest, which I called the Crimson King (I never said I was original when it came to sex toy names), with an incredible mosaic-like pattern at the base, has a wonderful weight and girth.

Ceramic has a lot of advantages — it picks up temperature naturally, and since all these dildos are hollow and come with a cork, you can fill them with warm or cool water for added sensation. Ceramic is also non-porous, which means these toys are hygienic; you can swab them down with alcohol or even put them in the top rack of your dishwasher without soap. Obviously, their firmness and smoothness is unbeatable — it’s really hard to keep your fingers and your lips off these toys. About the only thing you can’t do with a current model of Thomas Collins Diletti is use it for anal play because only toys with flared bases are completely safe for that.

Every lover I have tried one of these toys on has been incredibly enthusiastic — the firmness feels great, and they are lots of fun for me to thrust with too. Especially combined with clitoral stimulation, oral, manual, or a handy vibrator, they have been responsible for many orgasms. I can’t even pick a favorite — each has a unique personality, not to mention shape. These dildos leave my lovers satisfied and are easy to clean up afterward.

With all the mass-produced toys I review, it’s always a pleasure to play with a work of art. To make them even more desirable, I think the price of Thomas Collins Diletti toys is a bargain, especially for a one of a kind pleasure object. Each toy even ships in a pouch made from recycled “eco-felt.” These dildos would get my highest recommendation even at twice the price.

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Disclaimer: I am not paid for my reviews but I am given free products in return for my honest opinion.

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