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Review: Good Vibrations’ First Mate dildo

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I review sex toys for Good Vibrations. You can find the First Mate silicone dildo and other dildos on their site.

I’ve reviewed sex toys for a while now, and you might think I would have just about every kind of toy. Surprisingly, even though I am a lover of both dildos and silicone, I didn’t have any really good silicone dildos to play with yet. I have various silicone anal toys, but nothing for other uses. Just as they provided me with the first sex toys I ever bought, Good Vibrations stepped in to fill this gap in my toy collection. The First Mate is a versatile, sturdy choice to be my ‘Number One’ silicone cock.

The First Mate silicone dildo is a Good Vibrations brand toy.

Silicone is a great material — I love the way it feels and, because it is non-porous, you can easily clean a toy. You can even boil a silicone dildo like this one or put it in the top rack of a dishwasher without soap for sterilization. About the only thing you shouldn’t do with it is use silicone-based lubes on it — though sources vary on how damaging silicone lube would be to a high-quality toy like this one, it is better to be a safe pervert than a sorry one with toys that are permanently sticky.

This is a high quality silicone toy though. It has a very natural feel — an outer softness and give with an inner core of firmness. It reminds me of some of the other premium silicones like Vixskin. It’s fairly large — seven and a half inches of usable length according to Good Vibes, and seems larger because of its girth. It has natural looking and feeling veins and a ridge that adds to the stimulation this toy can give along with enhancing its visual appeal. Finally, it has a flared base making it safe for anal use and great for a harness; one reason Good Vibes sent this toy my way was so that I could try it with their Thigh Harness, the subject of a future review.

This toy got its first use with my occasional lover Squeak, now living in Dallas but back for a very welcome visit. After I’d topped her and fucked her with my real cock, we decided to try this toy. I gave her my favorite rechargeable clit vibrator and let her handle that while I did the thrusting. She really liked this dildo. It gave her a lot of pleasure, and very small shifts of angle as I used it seemed to affect her a great deal. I think the ridge felt great against her g-spot in particular. Later, she told me the realistic feel of this toy reminded her of some of her favorite cocks from her past.

I think this is a fantastic dildo — whether you have a dozen different cocks to choose from or are looking for your very first, the First Mate is a great choice. It’s  designed by Good Vibrations — the kind of toy they’ve become known for, and one you could enjoy for years of fun.


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