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Month: October 2011

The Ethical Slut Read-along: Conclusion, Imagining A Slut Utopia

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I began my read-along of The Ethical Slut about ten months ago now at the behest of several of my readers including my friend, coauthor, and guest blogger Kiki Christie. The format has changed over the course of the series — I realized that more people would participate if I emphasize that this is a conversation about poly topics inspired by a book, instead of expecting others to keep up in the book. I’ve really enjoyed exploring my own feelings about polyamory and non-monogamy through the lens of this classic of the field. A lot of readers have left great comments, and the series has also spawned some insightful guest posts.

e[Lust] #30

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The Kit Q&A article about Respect for Dominants was part of the latest issue of e[Lust]. e[Lust] collects the best blog writing about human sexuality in one place.

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~ This Week’s Top Three Posts ~

Crotch Topiary & Other Delights – I admit I started simple, I realised my teenage dream of having a Winona-inspired heart emblazoned on my mound. It was perfect. I used Contact paper to design my heart and just went to town pulling out every hair that was not covered.

In Defense of ExclusionSometimes it’s nice to be with people who are like you. It’s nice to be around people who get your kink, your fetish – to be somewhere that you don’t have to explain it to.

The Boy At Summer CampIt started with an email with the subject line ‘butch at your service,’ and an offer for a blow job. And I thought, hm. Well, you know, I do like those. But I’m not usually attracted to boys.

~ e[lust] Editress ~

Ask Lilly: “My sex toy stinks – what should I do?” – Would you put it in your mouth with that smell? Would you gag from the smell and taste? If yes, then why the hell put it in your vagina or ass??

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A Day At The Circus