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Kit Q&A: Hurts So Good

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On Saturdays, Kit answers reader questions and responds to frequent web searches.

Q: What does it feel like to be spanked with vampire gloves?

Combining pleasurable stimulation with painful sensations may allow a masochist to endure more. Photo by Stacie Joy.

Vampire gloves are leather gloves which have had short, blunt metal nails inserted through the fingertips. They can be brushed across the skin at different amounts of pressure to create different pleasurable or painful sensations. Since I don’t enjoy being spanked, I asked Pet what she thought.

“It hurts!” She elaborated to say that it stings more than a normal spanking.  She loves how it makes her skin sting when she takes a shower afterwards too.

Though light use of vampire gloves will not break the skin, it can definitely be done. Spanking someone while wearing a glove on will often cause bleeding. This is appealing to many kinksters, but also raises issues of potential disease transmission since leather cannot be completely sterilized. Use alcohol, caution, and common sense about sharing.

Q: How do you make clover clamps less intense?

Clover clamps are among the most intense of forms of nipple play. For many, the initial pinch is the most intense, with sensations leveling off a little until removal (when blood rushing back into the nipples is quite painful). Clover clamps are not adjustable, but painful sensations can sometimes be eased with pleasurable ones. Like a nicer version of the old vaudeville gag where someone cures a headache by stomping on your foot, combining multiple types of stimuli may distract from the pain. Try adding genital stimulation, or other sensual pleasures like kissing or even hair-pulling while attaching the clamps.

On the other hand, these toys are sometimes just too intense.

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