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Review: California Exotic’s Solar Bullet

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I review sex toys for Babeland. You can find the Solar Bullet and other vibrators on their site.

You can never tell with a California Exotic Novelties’ product. Some of them are reliable, fun sex toys that will last a long time, bringing lots of happy orgasms. Others are the kind of products which give ‘For Novelty Use Only‘ labeling a bad name; like most such products there is no company warranty if you end up with a dud (Babeland at least offers a 30-day return on defective items).

The CalExotics’ Solar Bullet seems like one of the good ones. This is a simple toy which does just what it advertises. The package (made from eco-friendly materials) includes a solar panel power pack and a single ‘jack-pin’ style modular vibrating egg. Though dozens of similar toys by California Exotics and other vendors will plug into this power pack, the included bullet is unique. It has a small LED light on the end, perfect for playful night-time sex!

I got this toy before Art Outside, where I planned to try it out. But rainy weather sent us home early, before we had a chance to enjoy it in the outdoors. It turns out this toy is great anywhere. It doesn’t need the direct sunlight of a blazing hot noon; the solar panels are powerful enough that it will charge when left on a bright windowsill.

The vibrations of this toy are strong — easily matching any standard battery pack powered by 2 AA-batteries. Though there is a variable slider, I didn’t find much difference between low and high. It doesn’t feature any pulsing or special patterns, just basic rumbly vibrations. According to Babeland, eight hours of charging gives you about an hour of play, which my experimentation more or less verifies. The battery pack is a bit wider than a normal pack, but much thinner, flatter, and lighter.

I played around with this toy with Pet, combining it with a dildo for a very happy, very wet girl. With Honey, using a different interchangeable bullet, I trapped it between us while I penetrated her, and we both enjoyed the results. The nice thing about jack-pin bullet vibes is that if you have multiple partners, you don’t need to worry about sharing toys. Just swap out a different one for each lover.

This toy will definitely be coming on camping trips and to festivals, where batteries are often needed to power other things like flashlights and fans and space is at a premium (at festivals I have to save room for all my fabulous outfits, after all). I appreciate its ecologically friendly nature too — as long as it keeps going, it will save on a lot of batteries; unlike many modern toys, it recharges without need of the electrical grid.

If you’re looking for the powerful vibrations of a battery-powered bullet — the strength you’d expect from all but the most supercharged power packs — but without the cost and waste of batteries, then the Solar Bullet is a perfect choice. This toy is also available as part of Babeland’s Eco-Sexy Kit.

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