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Review: Earthly Body Soy Massage Candles

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I review sex toys via (among other sites), where you can find Earthly Body massage candles and other similar adult products.

A fellow sex blogger recently gifted me with a bag of adult product samples in return for some WordPress advice. Happy to get something in return for a task I’d have done for free, it also seemed a great opportunity to review some new products I might not otherwise receive. The first thing I pulled out to try were these massage candles.

Guavalava scented massage candle by Earthly Body

I’ve enjoyed products by Earthly Body before; they are notably the makers of my favorite sex lube. As a result I expected good things from their hemp & soy massage candles, which are useful for wax play, massage, or just burning for their pleasant scent. They are cool burning enough that they should not burn when used properly, and smell delightful in the tin or on skin.

First, I tried the Harvest Moon scented candle when a toppy friend asked me to pamper her and give her distracting sensations. This candle has a warm aroma with hints of fall spices & vanilla. For massage, you can pour the warm wax into your hands and then apply to the person. You can also dip your fingers into the warm oily wax directly, but keep in mind that if you touch the wick you’ll get soot on your hands, which will then be transferred to your friend. My friend, who is a professional masseuse, liked the combination of aroma therapy & massage the candle provides and enjoyed the unique texture of the slightly waxy moisturizing oil as it I rubbed it in or as it dried on her skin.

Soon after, I tried another candle with Pet. This time we indulged in the Guavalava massage candle, which has a pleasing fruity, tropical smell. All the candles I have smelled are pleasing to the nose — not artificial or overpowering in any way. This time I poured the wax directly on to Pet’s skin, enjoying the way she squirmed each time the hot wax hit her skin, then moaned as I rubbed it in. I also enjoyed using a Wartenburg wheel on the sensitized skin. As we moved on from sensuality to the explicitly sexual, the smell of the oils was a pleasing enhancement to our activities.

Both play partners I tried these candles on loved them. Pet felt like she wanted to take a shower later to remove the wax, but neither felt unpleasantly sticky or coated when we were through. I still have a third untried candle, Home Baked; it smells like you’d expect, which is good or bad depending on how you feel about smelling of cinnamony baked goods.

To use these candles, you’ll want to light them a bit in advance then enjoy some foreplay or other forms of sensation until the wax melts. If you decide to blow out the candle for safety once it softens, you’ll find that it stays useful for massage for a while, but for multiple people (such as taking turns with a partner) or lengthy sessions you’ll need to relight or keep one candle lit while you massage with the other. And if you’re worried about your sheets, you should put down a sex blanket or other covering.

These Earthly Body massage candles definitely come with my full recommendation. They are a great way to add a sensual warmth to a night with a lover.

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Disclaimer: Penny gifted this product to me in return for blogging advice. I am not paid for sex toy reviews (unless you buy something from an affiliate link) but I am sometimes sent free products in return for an honest opinion.