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Where’s Kit Update

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The Cost of Disposable Products by Kit O'Connell & Mae Saslaw. Illustration by Victo Ngai for Simple Finance Corporation.

I’ve been busy lately but also not as busy as I’d like. I’ve enjoyed some time off to relax and sort out my inner thoughts, but also suffered some times when I just couldn’t do what I wanted. My fibromyalgia has forced me to take a step back from a lot of things for the last couple weeks, including Occupy & some of my writing. I really wore myself out during SXSW week and I’m still not feeling fully back to normal. I’ve also been struggling with some personal life hurdles, but hopefully that’s beginning to sort itself out at least for the moment.

I’ve had a few publications and appearances you might be interested in. First, last month Simple published my essay on the Cost of Vices. I enjoy that Simple has a realistic view toward topics like this — they want people to be aware of how and what they spend their money on, but don’t expect any of us to cloister ourselves away to save every penny.

Though a vice was originally considered something “immoral”, many now consider a vice to include any habitual excess. A daily cup of diner coffee likely wouldn’t qualify, but a fancy triple-shot latte probably would. This begs the question: Do our vices’ psychological and visceral benefits outweigh their financial costs? Are they really worth it?

Read more on Simple’s blog.

In addition to writing this article, I also contributed to an article on the Cost of Disposable Products with the help of Simple editor Mae Saslaw.

And on Sunday, I appeared on the DeepEllumOnAir program Hungover with V. V & I talked about Occupy Austin, May Day, and the Trayvon Martin killing. As I said on the air, the killing of Trayvon Martin is a huge tragedy that I hope that it leads not only to justice being served in Sanford Florida, but also to a populace that continues to agitate for real changes in our handling of race, class, and the police. Check out the show’s complete archive.

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