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Day of Action

Posted in Austin, and Occupy Wall Street

Today is a big day of action.

I actually was really tired last night & fell asleep around 7pm. I woke around 6am, which was good because I got breakfast with a friend and then it was off to the day’s first action. Today is Cesar Chavez’s birthday, and so I marched with the Austin community from a library in my East Austin neighborhood down to City Hall. The costumes were colorful, the people beautiful, and the weather great for marching together.

After reaching City Hall, a couple of us confronted Austin’s mayor about the hypocrisy of supporting Cesar Chavez while giving the city’s money to Chase Bank, a corporation that harms the very people Chavez pledged his life to protect.

After a quick trip to the café around the corner for mimosas, I took a bus home to rest. My day is far from over though — I’m about to head back downtown for the Keystone XL Pipeline protest, where Occupy Austin hopes to connect with the American Indian Movement & other activists. Then, tonight, I’ll attend the Million Hoodies March for Trayvon Martin, Byron Carter, and other recent victims of racial violence.

Follow me on Twitter for live reports from both events.

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