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Amplify Your Message: Blogging & Social Media For Activists

Posted in Occupy Wall Street, and Other Writing

Amplify Your Message

A Frankenstein's Twitter bird made from paper.
Twitter Monster by Rosaura Ochoa


I’ve been involved in Occupy Austin since early November as a citizen journalist. Soon I became the main Twitter volunteer. For the last month, I’ve been the editor of the MyFDL Diary site on FireDogLake. A couple weeks ago, I put all those skills together in a short presentation for an Occupy Supply skillshare webinar.

The mainstream media is ignoring us, so the key to getting word out about what we do is through the use of social media like Facebook and Twitter, and alternative media like political blogs. From there, the message can grow and even end up picked up later by larger markets that overlooked it before.
Remember that even if you have a small audience on your Twitter, the right tweeting can send your message to hundreds of thousands of viewers. For more beginner tips, check out my Twitter 101 Class.
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