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Occupy Austin Mic Checks For Medicaid

Posted in Austin, and Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Austin members
Members of Occupy Austin after the October 17 Medicaid Mic-Check (Photo: Kit O’Connell).

Today Occupy Austin OccuKripz mic-checked the Texas State Capitol in solidarity with ADAPT who completed five days of intensive direct action in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania today. Activists there faced police brutality as they tried to force meetings with government officials to protest cuts to Medicaid.

The potential cost of Medicaid cuts is very high — cuts would force disabled people now living independently into virtual imprisonment in nursing homes. 86 activists were arrested yesterday, but only 50 were processed before Harrisburg police gave up and sent the rest home. Occupy Harrisburg also joined the protests.

It’s great to feel like part of a global movement — but as the popular chant goes, ‘All Our Grievances Are Connected.’