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Flam Chen (On Firedoglake)

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Three members of Flam Chen in Devil Mask
Flam Chen at Art Outside 2012 (Photo: Kit O’Connell)

One of the highlights of Art Outside were the breathtaking performances by Flam Chen which I profiled on Firedoglake:

Flam Chen is a ‘new circus’ troupe based out of Tucson, Arizona. They have their origins in Crash Worship, an anarchic performance troupe of the 80s and 90s which was heavily influential. Crash Worship inspired much of modern Burning Man culture and street performance groups like Extra-Action Marching Band, mentioned yesterday on myFDLThe new circus movement is booming right now, with aerial dance, burlesque, acrobatics (and ‘acro-yoga’), fire dancing and related arts more popular than they’ve been in decades.

Read more on Firedoglake.

I also created the video above for the piece, which is my most complex video to date. I think it shows how far my video editing skills have come in just a few short months. I’m looking forward to my next video, which will be about the 999 Eyes Freak Show.

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