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A New Look For Approx. 8,000 Words

Posted in Journalism, Life, and Website

If this isn’t your first visit, you may notice that my website changed in the past month.

I created this website when I finally got tired of keeping a LiveJournal and decided it was time to launch a real online identity. I’ve been a writer in various genres since my teens, but 8 years ago I was mostly focused on writing fiction. In 2008, I designed Approximately 8,000 Words to look like an old-fashioned manuscript format submission that a writer might send to an editor.

It’s halfway through a new decade, and I’m now working full time as a journalist. My homepage was overdue for a new look. I’m still fine-tuning things, and slowly crossposting most of my reports for MintPress News and other sites, but I hope you enjoy what you see.

My fiction — and writing about sex and relationships — will always be a part of me, too, so I’m keeping the original title of this website, inspired by the word count of an early short story of mine called “Borrowed Time.” Borrowed Time is really terrible, and won’t be getting published here, but I will be adding other stories in the future.

You may suspect this new look marks a new direction for my writing, and I hope you’re right. I’m planning to do more original writing here, and give you more ways to read and support my work soon.

I’d like to thank Compete Themes, designers of the theme “Unlimited.” Not only am I thrilled with Approx. 8,000 Words’ facelift, but they’ve given outstanding tech support, including patching a bug for me in less than 12 hours. All their themes are also designed to be accessible to visually impaired readers, which was important to me when I went theme shopping.

Thanks for visiting Approximately 8,000 Words, version 2.0, and I hope you find an excuse to visit often.