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New Technologies Connect Prisoners to the Outside World

Posted in Journalism, SXSW, and The Texas Observer

Note: I am overjoyed to see my work in print at The Texas Observer, the publication where the late, great Molly Ivins first made her name as an outspoken, people-centered journalist. Enjoy! 

Can the tech industry be recruited to help end mass incarceration?

On Friday at SXSW Interactive, part of Austin’s nine-day SXSW music, film and technology conference, a panel of app developers and nonprofit founders took on the question, connecting lower recidivism rates with keeping incarcerated people in touch with family and friends.

“If you haven’t been in prison, You can’t understand how important mail calls are,” said panelist Marcus Bullock.

Bullock’s the CEO of FlikShop, an app that allows family and friends to inexpensively turn photos into postcards that are then automatically mailed to prison facilities.

Read more at The Texas Observer.

Used with permission from The Texas Observer.


New Technologies Connect Prisoners with the Outside World



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