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On U.S. Empire Building And Fascism (Black Tower Radio Interview)

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In a recent history lecture published by actTVism Munich, Noam Chomsky revealed that the U.S. was quite supportive of fascism before we went to war with Hitler and Mussolini. After World War II, America deployed a plan to dominate a “grand area” of the globe, essentially a plot for world domination that reverberates to this day. This “grand area” scheme led directly to the Vietnam War, and can still be seen in the influence of “humanitarian” multinational organizations like the International Monetary Fund.

A bulldozer provided to France under the post-WWII Marshall Plan. (Wikimedia Commons / U.S. National Archives and Records Administration, PD)

On Wednesday, I made my monthly appearance on Black Tower Radio to discuss my newest journalism.  Also referenced: The Marshall Plan, U.S. aid to Europe after WWII that came with corporate strings attached.

We also discussed attacks on water protectors and journalists who are blocking the Dakota Access Pipeline. Over 100 were arrested in one especially vicious attack on the Native Americans and their allies, and journalists have also frequently been targeted for violence and arrest. The Standing Rock struggle is not an abstract one either, for the Native Americans: many tribes today lack reliable access to water. If we don’t stand with the indigenous people, their grim situation today will be our future tomorrow.