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Unprecedented Legislative Coup Happening Now In North Carolina

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Inside the North Carolina House, protesters chanted as police arrested them one by one.

For the second day in a row, the chambers were cleared and the public was banned from viewing a legislative coup in progress.

The North Carolina GOP, facing the defeat of incumbent Gov. Pat McCrory on November 8, are doing everything they can to hold onto power, even if it means literally rewriting state law.

Such is the decaying state of American democracy in 2016. You may remember that the North Carolina GOP are the same state party that some Democrats raised money for after a fire during the election, out of a sense of fairness. In return, the NC GOP is rewarding their generosity by setting fire to the very fabric of democracy.

Even after his defeat, McCrory refused for weeks to concede the election to current state Attorney General Roy Cooper. It was a brazen attempt to force an electoral crisis that, if it had lasted long enough, would have allowed the legislature to overturn the results and reinstall McCrory.



BREAKING: Unprecedented Legislative Coup Happening Now In North Carolina & You Aren’t Being Told

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