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Why Austin (& The US) Must Resist Fascism & The March Against Sharia On June 10 (AUDIO)

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On Tuesday, I appeared on the Smooth and Demented Show to discuss the March Against Sharia, an upcoming nationwide mobilization of the Islamophobic group ACT For America.

Islamophobia Monitor describes ACT For America as “an anti-Islam hate group.” According to its founder Brigitte] Gabriel, “‘every practicing Muslim is a radical Muslim,’ a Muslim ‘cannot be a loyal citizen of the United States,’ and that Arabs ‘have no soul.’ She also argues that, ‘America is at stage two Islamic Cancer.'”

ACT has called for a nationwide “March Against Sharia” in cities all over the United States on Saturday, June 10. In addition to local supporters of ACT, we expect numerous neo-nazis, alt-right fascists, and dangerous 4chan trolls to mobilize for the event. It’s crucial that communities come out to support and protect their Muslim neighbors from this bigoted event which occurs during their holy month of Ramadan.

Austin activists are gathering for a noise demonstration to drown them out at 9:30 am on Saturday June 10 at the south gates of the Texas Capitol. For events in other cities, check this March Against Sharia counter-demonstration list from It’s Going Down.

My interview starts at 15 minutes into the program, but host El Demento created a fabulous 2 hour play list of anti-fascist tunes to get you geared up to fight fascism this weekend.

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