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A Closer Look At Toxins And Lies In Hemp & Cannabis

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We love hemp, but we’re sick of lies and inflated promises about it.

At Ministry of Hemp, we’re dedicated to spreading knowledge about hemp and hemp-based products like CBD oil. But some sites are more concerned with sales than sharing honest, scientific information about hemp.

While thousands of people have experienced the benefits of CBD, it’s not a miracle cure for every disease despite the ridiculous claims some websites make. In other cases, dishonest vendors rely on misleading labelling and inflated pricing to make their products seem more powerful than they really are.

Since there are few regulations concerning hemp and CBD, education is crucial so that consumers can make an informed decision. We hope that by explaining some of the pitfalls and risks faced by CBD and hemp producers in this article, we’ll help buyers make more better choices. While buying CBD oil can be confusing, a little knowledge goes a long way.

‘Dirty hemp paste’: Low quality CBD products threaten industry reputation

In a February 2014 blog post, cannabis activist Mickey Martin warned of a “perfect storm for fraud, corruption, and deception” in the burgeoning CBD oil industry thanks to a lack of regulation over sales.

Chris Roberts agreed with Martin in an editorial published that August by SF Weekly. Dishonest CBD vendors and multi-level marketing schemes, Roberts observed, seek to prey on the vulnerable, like sick people and their relatives, with misleading labeling and inflated claims about hemp extract’s effectiveness. He concluded,

The housewives, the newcomers, the neophytes — they don’t know. All they know is that someone is sick, and there’s maybe a glimmer of hope with something called “CBD.” That glimmer also inspires hucksters, who are making bucks off of vulnerable people in their time of need.

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Why Quality Matters: A Closer Look At Hemp & Cannabis Quality

By examining some of the pitfalls and risks faced by hemp and CBD producers, we help consumers make a more informed decision on hemp and cannabis quality

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