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Sorry Chris Hedges, Antifascists Are Building A Better World With Mutual Aid (Act Out!)

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In a recent episode of Act Out! inspired by Hurricane Harvey, Eleanor Goldfield looks back at disaster relief and disaster capitalism after Hurricane Katrina. From there, she pivots to a critique of Chris Hedges recent garbage take on antifa, using my recent article on antifascist disaster relief as evidence that antifascists are building a more just world through mutual aid in addition to fighting nazis in the streets.

A young girl stands barefoot on a lightly flooded street in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey in east Texas. August 29, 2017. (Flickr / Jill Carlson, CC license)

Eleanor quotes several passages from my article, including:

Most of the people I know organizing to fight white supremacy, like myself, spent the weekend organizing Harvey relief. And Harvey relief is antifascism in the long view. We’re helping people, connecting people, and showing them alternatives.


Antifa and radicals like me know that after Harvey we can both save lives and show that mutual aid is stronger than fascism and capitalism.

She also linked to several resources for community based mutual aid, including Austin Common Ground Relief, in her show notes.

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