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Intersectional Left Collaboration In Texas, Nazis Attack A Book Fair (Black Tower Radio)

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On the first Wednesday of every month, I appear on Black Tower Radio to discuss my latest journalism.

In my latest appearance on Black Tower Radio, a discussion of a recent nazi attack on the Houston Anarchist Bookfair, where I was teaching a class on antifascism. Jake and I talked about diversity of tactics including antifa clowning.

Next, we pivot to a discussion of activists’ successful opposition to the Republican agenda during a recent special session of the Texas Legislature. I also discussesed the general ineffectiveness of the Texas government, which only meets for a few months every two years.

Painted banner reading “Houston Anarchist Bookfair” hangs from a fence outside a community center in Houston, Texas, before it was stolen by neo-nazis. September 24, 2017. (Houston Anarchist Bookfair)

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