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The 8K Words Holiday Giveaway: Kit’s Gonzo Insiders Get A Book By Scott Crow & Stickers!

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Update 11/22/2017: More goodies for Insiders: You’ll also get a “Goodnight White Pride” Unicorn vinyl decal from Jay Kelly‘s Proxy Prophet! That’s in addition to all the other items below!

Update 11/15/2017: Gonzo Insiders will also get a sticker from Sleep is Famous, in addition to the scott crow book and the #catscult sticker!

Update 11/01/2017: In addition to a book by scott crow, you’ll also get a sticker from The Cats Cult as part of the holiday giveaway!

Don’t say I never get you anything.

Get a free copy of Emergency Hearts, Molotov Dreams by scott crow for becoming a Gonzo Insider!

My friend, the anarchist author scott crow, recently let me know that he has copies of his books to give away, and I realized this would be a perfect holiday gift for my Gonzo Insiders.

Anyone who signs up on my Patreon as a Gonzo Insider (or at one of the higher levels) before December 1st, 2017 will get a copy of “Emergency Hearts, Molotov Dreams: A scott crow Reader.”

This 2016 collection brings together fascinating interviews about a range of topics that are more current than ever, including anarchy, cooperatives, police brutality, prisons, animal liberation, environmental justice, surveillance and political movements. Among these is my conversation with scott, originally published at Firedoglake, where we discussed the rise and fall of the Occupy Wall Street movement and the lessons that can be learned by future movements.

In his decades as an activist, scott crow was profiled by the federal government for his involvement in the animal liberation movement, a founding member of the Common Ground Collective in New Orleans, and spent years as an antifascist activist engaged in armed self-defense of POC and other marginalized communities. This book offers insight into his unique experiences on the front lines of the search for a better world. You’ll enjoy reading “Emergency Hearts,” or you could pass it on to a loved one as a holiday gift.

“Emergency Hearts, Molotov Dreams” retails for $14.95 on Amazon, but to get a copy you just have to donate $10 or more on my Patreon and become one of my Gonzo Insiders before December 1. I’ll mail the books out in early December, in plenty of time for holiday giving. Plus, you’ll get all the other benefits of Gonzo Insiders, including free zines and activist swag in the mail and patron-only bonus content.

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Holiday giveaway FAQ

  • If I’m already a patron, can I get the book? Yes! My existing Gonzo Insiders will get a copy, and all my other patrons are welcome to switch their donation to “Gonzo Insider.” If anyone joins at the “Gonzo Shoutout” or “Gonzo Sponsor” levels, they’ll also get a copy of “Emergency Hearts” in December. I do need your address, so make sure to provide it to Patreon when you select your reward.
  • What if I become a Gonzo Insider after November 30, 2017? Sorry, only patrons who sign up at $10/month (or higher) before December 1 are eligible for this giveaway. But you’ll still get zines and other cool bonus content for becoming a Gonzo Insider at any time, and you’ll be eligible for any future giveaways.
  • Are you still going to make stickers? Yes! When I created Gonzo Insiders, I said I’d create custom stickers if I got 15 new donors (not existing donors who switch over) at this level. As of this writing, I need 12 more new Gonzo Insiders before I’ll create custom stickers. When I get there, all donors at the Insider level or above will get a sticker! Updare: 9 more!
  • Do you love your other donors? Yes! Even if you can’t afford $10/month, all donations add up and help keep my journalism alive. And you’ll get some bonus content even at $1/month.
Become a Gonzo Insider before December 1 and get cool stuff in the mail as a thank-you gift for supporting Kit’s journalism.

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