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Cannabis Parenting Guides Clear The Air Around Hemp And Marijuana

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Juliette Benz and Kris Morwood created Callie Cannabis and Hana Hemp to help with the complicated topic of talking to your kids about cannabis. Blair Barbour, an internationally recognized artist, joined the team on “Hana Hemp.” Each book focuses on a different aspect of the cannabis plant from a child-friendly perspective.

Kris Morwood poses with one of her cannabis parenting guides.
Kris Morwood poses with one of her cannabis parenting guides, “Hana Hemp,” at the NoCo Hemp Expo. (Ministry of Hemp / Kit O’Connell)

These books are designed to replace years of fear, stigma and misinformation about cannabis. “Callie Cannabis” helps parents explain the overall benefits of cannabis and how it can be used. “Hana Hemp” focuses on teaching kids about hemp and its ancient history. The books gently address the war on drugs by helping kids understand why some people still fear cannabis. Callie also offers some safety tips for keeping cannabis and hemp edibles in the home but out of reach of kids.

This was one of my favorite interviews at NoCo Hemp Expo, as I really like the idea behind these guides. You can learn more about these cannabis parenting guides on Ministry of Hemp.

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