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VIDEO: A Bright Future For Hemp (Kit on Act Out!)

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I appeared on the newest episode of Act Out!

I spoke with host Eleanor about the recent legalization of hemp via the 2018 Farm Bill. We talk about what hemp can do for people and planet, discuss what the FDA plans to do about CBD, and then look at what this means for overall cannabis legalization.

Here’s how she described the episode:

Dissent—protest, direct action, civil disobedience—these are the manifestations of our power. And they are the only things that the ruling elite truly fear. Which is why we’re seeing a wave of legislation being introduced to try and crackdown on that power—to strangle our ability to affect change. Here’s the scoop and how we should respond. Next, industrial hemp is now federally legal—but what does that actually mean? What’s included in that? And how does this affect conflicting state or local laws? Ministry of Hemp editor-in-chief Kit O’Connell joins us to lay it all out.

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