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Why Hemp Supporters Must Support Black Lives Matter, Too

Posted in Journalism, and Ministry of Hemp

Over at Ministry of Hemp, I wrote about our feelings about the current Black Lives Matter uprising and how it ties to the hemp and cannabis industries

In this time of extraordinary global protest, hemp advocates and the  hemp industry must live up to our ideals by supporting the Black Lives  Matter movement and working towards real change.

Going even further, our involvement can’t stop with just the  protests. In order to build an ethical and sustainable industry, we need  to be active participants in undoing the damage that the War on Drugs  caused. We need to lobby to defund police forces which grew out of control during this “war.” 

At Ministry of Hemp, we often celebrate the ways hemp crosses  political boundaries. Across the political spectrum, people see the  potential in hemp and its ability to change the world. However, we  believe that this is not a political issue but a human rights issue, and  it would be wrong for the hemp industry to remain silent. 

Now that we’ve achieved legal hemp,  we must use our platform to be a part of healing the damage caused by  centuries of systemic racism, a not insignificant part of which grew out  of the sprawling War on Drugs. 

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