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What happens when you mix CBD and caffeine?

Posted in Journalism, and Ministry of Hemp

Over on Ministry of Hemp, I wrote about what science knows about mixing caffeine with CBD

Should you mix CBD with caffeine? What do we know about how they interact with each other?

Whether or not we think of it that way, caffeine is a  drug. In fact, it’s the most commonly consumed drug in the United  States. Most estimates suggest around 90 percent of Americans consume  caffeine, in some form, every day. We’re no exception at the Ministry of  Hemp. Actually, one survey suggested that journalists drink more coffee than any other profession, followed by police and teachers.

So what does it mean to mix CBD with this commonplace drug? Anecdotally speaking, some people swear by the benefits of adding CBD to your coffee.  According to them, adding some CBD to your morning cup can reduce the  jitters associated with caffeine, while also conferring CBD’s other  benefits like stress relief and relief from inflammation.

However, a core goal of Ministry of Hemp is to share scientific  knowledge with our readers. That’s why we decided to take a closer look  at what current research suggests about CBD and caffeine.

Read more on Ministry of Hemp. 

This was an interesting one because the popular belief is that they sort of “cancel each other out” — for example, adding CBD to coffee is believed to cut back on the nervous jitters coffee sometimes induces. From a scientific perspective, of course it’s going to be a lot more complex.
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