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Austin Chronicle: Trans Youth & Allies Rally Against ‘Abuse’ Guidelines

Posted in Austin, Austin Chronicle, Journalism, and LGBTQIA

Today, The Austin Chronicle published what is likely to be the first in an ongoing series covering the fight for trans human rights in Texas. This is a vital issue, with far-reaching implications for the rights of many people, including but definitely not limited to trans kids and their families.

A crucial upcoming hearing, perhaps as early as March 11, could put the brakes on Gov. Greg Abbott‘s directive for the state to investigate – as presumed child abuse – any gender ­affirming medical care provided to transgender youth. In the meantime, trans Austinites and allies are banding ­together to defend their human rights.

Transgender UT student Ash Terry organized a roughly  350-person protest March 1. After Abbott’s draconian directive inspired  an outpouring of support, she said she’s actually feeling more hopeful  for the future of trans kids in Texas than ever. “I was surprised at the  number of cis[gender] allies out there,” she said. “I was just really  staggered that there were so many, and a lot of people from out of town.  This whole experience has given me a lot of hope.”

Read more at the Austin Chronicle. 

If you haven’t been paying attention to the attack on trans and LGBTQIA rights that’s rapidly ramping up in Texas, Florida and elsewhere, I’m begging you to get tapped into it now, and do whatever you can to help. March, fundraise, make noise. We need to stop this.

On a more personal note, I’m excited to be continuing to work with The Chronicle, and should have more in their pages next week.