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Podcast: Trans Texas & Abortion Access In Texas

Posted in Audio, Austin Chronicle, Journalism, and LGBTQIA

It’s Going Down invited me to come back to their podcast to discuss the GOP war on trans and LGBTQIA rights, based on my recent reporting for the Austin Chronicle:

In this episode of the It’s Going Down podcast, we speak with Austin based journalist Kit O’Connell about the growing attacks on abortion access and the LGBTQ community across Texas. We discuss how anti-LGBTQ legislation, pushed by a wave of far-Right conspiracy theories that have repackaged trans and homophobia into a panic around  “groomers,” is creating an atmosphere of fear and escalating calls for violence.

I also talked about the attacks on abortion access in Texas, and how it all relates to the patriarchy’s opposition to bodily autonomy for marginalized groups. You can listen on the It’s Going Down’s website or any podcast app.

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