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Trans Lives Are Not Up For Debate

Posted in Journalism, and The Texas Observer

With the help of the Texas Observer, I took on New York Times’ staff writer Emily Bazelon’s unethical reporting on transgender healthcare, which became evidence in Texas’ case against trans kids:

On June 15, the New York Times Magazine published “The Battle Over Gender Therapy,” an investigation into gender-affirming care for young people bystaff  writer Emily Bazelon. Since its publication, transgender-rights  advocates, medical experts, and other journalists have condemned the  article for inaccurately portraying such care as controversial,  misrepresenting scientific research, and quoting anti-trans activists  without proper context.

Now, the state of Texas is using it as evidence in an ongoing attempt  to investigate trans-supportive healthcare as “child abuse.”

Not only did Bazelon refuse to comment on my piece or the court case, she deleted almost all her tweets after this story was widely shared.

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