Blurbing it

Today I penned my first blurb for a book, at the request of M. Christian. It should appear on an upcoming book of his science fiction and horror. While I was of course very flattered to be asked, it is also a little bit surreal — a bit like being recognized from my blogging on Words Words Words, which has also happened a few times now at conventions.

I’ve been hard at work lately on the Continuous Coast project. I’m learning drupal in order to build more of the web environment that our fans are using to inteact with the denizens of Mother. It’s slow going and a bit frustrating, but fortunately I have the consulting help of Nathan Eliot of t9productions. With the help of one of our project crew, I also penned a 2,500 word introduction to the world to help bring new contributors up to speed on the world and the philosophy behind the project. I think it will help bring new writers and artists on board.

A lot of my life feels transitional right now. Things are changing. I don’t always know where they are going, and sometimes that’s been stressful. I’m also suffering a bit from the cold — our house is drafty, and cold weather makes me slow and sore. I’m glad we broke out the space heater today.