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Austin Art Nerds #15 (Fear)

Life has been good since Art Outside. I’ve enjoyed good time with my lovers, and last Saturday was my housemate Kristen’s 37th birthday party, complete with viewing of Monty Python & The Holy Grail in the pillow pit on her new projector. Life has had enough pleasure in it to make the hedonist in me happy, […]

Rabid Muse

I hate being a tortured artist. When I was in high school and writing my first crude attempts at poetry, my school’s literary ‘zine was always full of typical teenage doggerel — awful, rhyming crap, yes, but specifically depressing, angsty whiny rhyming crap. The quality of my writing might not have been much better in […]

Goodbye Continuous Coast

The last traces of the Nagara fade from our world. No longer does the Gurge allow communication between our universe and theirs. Only a handful of physical and digital artifacts of the Continuous Coast remain, fading a little more every day back into the stuff of imagination. Yesterday I realized that this site had been […]

Writing update

It’s been months since I updated this blog but its time I change that. Since I last wrote I have continued to settle into life in Houston. While I don’t want to go into too much detail here, when I moved I was leaving behind a situation which had become unhealthy for me. While I’d […]