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Story of a Theme Camp: Cult of the Purple Taco

This is the third in my series of profiles of theme camps. For the first two, see the related posts at the bottom of this entry. Food and sex. They are two of humanity’s most primal desires. Both are at the very core of what creates our identity, and both are sometimes stigmatized. The two […]

Chickpea recipes, part 1

Well the landlord replaced the stove in my apartment with a shiny newish one and I have been doing more cooking recently. As I cook I often tweet about it, and as a result I’ve been asked to share recipes. I cooked a whole bunch of chickpeas recently and whether you call them garbanzos or […]

A Map of the City

Today, Reesa, Steve and I spent nearly all of our productive hours creating a map of a city on another world. It was a fairly grueling 12+ hour process, even with breaks to take in an episode of Dexter and eat. The first draft results are impressive, and preliminary photos have been shared with our […]